Aaliyah Mendes is the younger sister of Shawn Mendes.


She is a social media star who first gained fame on Vine under the name Princess Aaliyah, earning more than 250,000 followers by the time the app was shut down. Her success translated to, where she has more than 550,000 fans. Her Vine account Princess Aaliyah was first created in 2013, attracting over 175,000 subscribers after one year Born in Toronto, Ontario, she was the daughter of Karen and Manny. Sometimes, she cooperated with Alyssa Shouse and Mahogany Lox, also web video stars, to make interesting videos.she was born on september the 15 and now she is 14 years old and she grew up whit her famous brother Shawn Peter Raul Mendes her mom karen from England and her dad manuel mendes from Portugal.[[Category:Family]